✨ Speck

Speck is a web playground app for iOS, currently under development. Speck gives you a live updating web environment to play around with web technologies on iOS with zero friction. See the screenshots and videos below to learn more.

I'd love for you to test it out! Follow the link below to sign up for TestFlight beta releases. Follow me on Twitter for updates.

Join the Speck beta on TestFlight


Speck features a native text editor with syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. As you type, the web preview will be updated automatically

Speck Screenshot

You can start from a number of pre-defined templates or make your own custom templates. Setup the boilerplate once so you never have to do it again.

Speck Screenshot

Beautiful, native text editor with custom fonts to choose from. Hide the web preview when you need to focus on your code

Speck Screenshot Speck Screenshot

JavaScript errors show natively and give you the line with the error. There's also a console for viewing logs and debugging

Speck Screenshot Speck Screenshot


Screencast of Speck in action on an iPad Pro, using the Processing template and exploring some code from the web